People I Admire



I admire people who treat others like they would treat themselves. These are the individuals who give freely, love unconditionally, respect others because they see humanity before ethnicity.  These individuals show empathy and compassion to strangers and not only to those they know. 

They listen because they genuinely care, offers sound advice because they sincerely desire to help. They teach because they want to empower and encourage others to have a better life.

The people I admire are kind, loving, and patient. They’re not short patient and mean-spirited. They look for good before they look for the worst in others. They see life from a positive perspective and find meaning in learning from the negative.

They build up others instead of tearing them down. Instead of gossiping or spreading malice, they put  perspective on how to make things better or how to move forward. The people I admire will stand alone for what is right than stand in a crowd of divisiveness. Many of the people I admire are unknown, not famous, and every day people.

I admire people who understand there is wisdom in appreciating the simplicity in small things in life. They understand you do not need to do great things in a big way, but you can do big things in a great way by sowing love and respect to mankind.

The people I admire are not boastful nor pretentious. They do not do things for admiration, they are simply themselves and others like me admire them.


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