The Mastery of Spear-Throwing



Years ago, I read a “The  Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards.” This book provides insight into the lives of King David, King Saul, and King Absalom from the point of view of a Sage and his Protege.  “The Tale of Three King” teaches protocol and submission in the body of Christ. The book illustrates the parallel of the three kings and how each king handled their encounters within the hierarchy of leadership.

In the book, there was dialogue between the Sage and his Protégé which stood out and has resonated with me through the years. In reference to King David and King Saul’s relationship, the protégé inquired, “What do you do when the King is mad and the King throws spears at you?” The Sage’s response was “Nothing, you walk away. If you pick up the spears and throw them back, you become a master at spear-throwing too.”

I find the Sage’s response profound and thought-provoking. How often do we become what we despise in others unaware? How often do we find ourselves complaining about others who are complainers, so much so we become complainers too? How often do we retaliate or hold back on those who have wronged us, and we are pacified in vengeance too ?  We must be careful to consider our ways when we raise an accusatory finger at our accuser, we become an accuser too.

The Sage’s response has many layers. What stood out to me is the importance of recognizing many of the traits we do not like in others is in us too. We can only keep those things from manifesting by practicing control and restraint over them.

Well, if you do not relate to this, consider, we all possess  the ability to exercise good  over evil or evil over good. We must choose not to practice evil whether it is inspired morally, ethically, or consciously.  Because we are freewill agents, some good people do bad things and bad people can do good things. On these lines, to fight off giving into our evil nature, we must let good dominate and prevail; however, there are ways to practice goodness as a lifestyle from a spiritual aspect.

In other words, before we become a judge of others instead of their actions, let’s be sure we are not using the tools and devices we despise others to use because we are that person too. Consider David when the prophet Nathan approached him about a rich man taking the only lamb from a poor man and giving to another man in need.  Angrily David responded, “that person should die,” David did not realize the man he judged possessed the traits he also had shown when he had taken another man wife and had him killed.

What spears have you thrown or are throwing? Just something to think about.

~Yvonne L



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