Infinity Dreams Award

Infinity Dreams Award/Premio Sueños de Infinito


If you are not familiar with the interpersonal correlation between animal and human life from a practical, logical, and educational perspective, Josh Gross’s blog provides the enlightenment readers find beneficial and enlightening.  Josh provides research- based information. His passion for wild animal life is apparent and infectious.

Readers are intrigued by the beautiful wildlife imagery, particularly Jaguars, along with the explicit details we are provided. Because of Josh, he and his followers have an ongoing dialogue and better understanding how the cultural, sociological, and psychological elements of society are closely interrelated with wild animal life. Although some facts are already known, Josh tends to draw his readers in an engaging way. His presentation creates interest among those who might have little of no interest in wildlife to gaining interest in learning more.

Recently, Josh relocated to extend his extensive studies to better educate himself and others.  He is nominated for the “Infinity Dreams Award.” To learn more about Josh, click on the link above to read about the award, and to learn more about his wildlife research click on the following link:

I offer a personal thanks to Josh for listing my blog for an “Infinity Dreams Award” recognition.

`Yvonne L


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