Measuring Others by Your Standards Might Come Up Short


When we judge others by our standards and expectations,

they may come up short and never exceed their potential.

Judging by our standard undermines their experience

of individualism.

The truth is- the measure of a man or woman can’t be measured.

We can only judge the action of others.

But, when necessary, one must consider what he or she judges, or

judging becomes an indictment of exercising limited perception.

Since we are all on separate paths of individualism

others experiences can’t be proportionately measured.

Individualism is life experiences, it’s a way of life.

Individualism is the fabric of an individual’s co-existence.

So, are we qualified to judge and measure what make

others uniquet?


6 thoughts on “Measuring Others by Your Standards Might Come Up Short

  1. It is wrong to be critical of others as we all have our ways, but we also have to be able to discern what is right and wrong for us. This in itself is a type of judgement as we have to assess the kinds of people and behaviour types we should associate with. We have to be able to decide what is our own truth and follow it.

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    1. I do agree we should be discerning of others actions. In many cases, it is should be more of their actions we are judging than them. Oftentimes, we may find ourselves judging the individuals who simply choose to do things differently than we might. In those instances, there may be no right or wrong about what they’re doing, they are simply doing it different, but we judge the person. I believe there is balance in all things. To say do not judge at all isn’t correct either. I want to be clear, we need discernment as you’ve mentioned to know what should be judged. I like that you mentioned an instance we should judge if ncessary to assess a situation. Even with assessing, your statement leads back to the individual. Instead of too much focus on the individual assessment is more about what’s suitable for us. Thanks for your perspective.

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