MakeItUltra Blogger Award


Thanks to Eddaz of Eddaz (Love and Relationships. Lifestyles and Poetry Blogger) who nominated my Peaceful Journey blog for recognition. While I may not always follow up and participate, I do not take gestures of acknowledgement for granted. I appreciate all recognitions from my peers and blogging community.

`Yvonne L


2 thoughts on “MakeItUltra Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations Yvonne! I also like what you had to say about the nominations you have not followed up on. It can be difficult to write an award post each time you’re nominated, so I think it’s great that you took the time to let everyone know that you still appreciate those nominations.

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    1. Thanks Josh. It would be easy to make the blog an award free zone, but I think it is always a honor to be acknowledge by peers when it is unexpected. I do not take others considering my blog as a small gesture. So, it is more than a privilege to make some form of acknowledgment. However, I find oftentimes my response on the awards involve sharing the same information many of the questions ask. For this reason, it is easier for me to just say thank you.

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