This is Your Moment – Capture it Now


Our moments are for now, not for some other opportunity, but now.”

Our moments are not to be taken for granted but appreciated “now.”

Our moments are meant for happiness- now to lament over past regrets but to experience happiness “now.”

Our moments are to live life of fulfillment- not to wait for some other time but fulfillment for “now.”

If we understand what our moments mean, we would realize the significance of our life and others.

If we understand what our moments mean, we would see life with more appreciation. 

If we understand what our moments mean, we would live and love unconditionally.

If we understand what our moments mean, we would dream less…and embrace our realities.

In our loss… we recognize the value of what have lost.

In our sorrows…. we recognize the importance of joy.

In our difficulties… we understand success.

In our hind-sight, we appreciate the value of our now.

So, embrace each day as if it is your last.

Embrace each experience as opportunities to learn.

Embrace each person as an extension of you.

Embrace each breathe as a last breath of life.

Embrace each moment as a gift.

Be present. This is your moment, it’s now!


12 thoughts on “This is Your Moment – Capture it Now

  1. ‘Yvonne I love your poem. Especially the ‘now’ aspect of it. I’m a goal oriented person, so I find I need to have a goal I’m working towards, and always at the moment have something to keep my busy in the ‘now.’ But procrastination can often sideline a person so that now is so important. Plus, we never know what the future holds, its a mystery. Love both of your quotes btw real gems 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mandibelle. When I was younger, I did not enjoy my “now” moment. I was always thinking some other time was better. When you’re older, you learn to appreciate your “now” moment, and the reality of “another time” is not as prevalent. I am happy I have learned to appreciate the present moment. There is nothing wrong with setting goals and being goal-oriented, there is wisdom in that too. Overall, whatever state you’re in, the key is learning to live a life of contentment.

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  2. I love this poem, because I’m hardly ever in the now. I’m always working hard to achieve some sort of distant goal, and often find I miss out on the present moment as a result. So this poem serves as a great reminder to me to take some time out of the day to be present in the moment!

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