Today commemorate a milestone for me in a career move. It is another step in the right direction.  Milestones, what are stay? They are really reminders we have moved forward in achieving goals and aspirations. They’re not the finish line.  They’re markers.


For who are milestones? They’re for us. They remind us with persistence and determination we’ve the fortitude to accomplish what we start and go beyond.  Milestones, are they necessary?  Not really. Living life in the moment is a major occurrence, but it’s  nice looking back at them and seeing hurdles we’ve gotten over. It’s nice knowing the ones we’ll face are only stepping stones.


`Yvonne L


7 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. i remember looking at milestones as we drove north to my father’s hometown, they marked the distance we had to travel to get to this place we all longed to be, we counted off the miles as the destination got closer, so i will always see milestones as heralding a destination not so much marking the distance traveled. but you are right it malso marks our decision to start and persist till we achieve. you always write on subjects that carry such powerful meanings. Blessings on you always Yvonne…..Gina

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    1. Thanks for providing an amazing perspective of milestones as well. Whenever we are in the midst of meeting our destination we really do keep a perspective of how much closer we are, and we can always look back to see how far we’ve come. Gina, thanks for reminding us that we can consider milestones even before our destination.

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