I Smiled Today


I smiled today.

I smiled because in a complex society

I can smile because of the simplicity I see in life.

Today, I saw a little girl wearing a crisp white bow

neatly tied around her afro-puffs.

I saw a little boy wearing Converse tennis shoes

and white socks with blue stripes.

I smiled because he was wearing shoes I recognized.

I smiled today when I saw a family of four

on their way into the house of worship together

instead of staying home to watch Netflix separately.

I smiled after seeing an elderly couple who could barely walk

holding hands like they’re holding onto to dear life.

I saw a stranger helping someone across the street and smiled.

I smiled after hearing a young girl answer “yes ma’am”

when I asked her if she’s Annie Lee’s daughter.

I smiled because rarely you hear those words today

and respect came easy during times when respect is not easily found.

I  smiled today after remembering the days when life was simple,

and like others, I desired a little more complexity because

I knew there was more to life.

Today I smiled because I now realize

it was not the complexity I needed,

I needed to appreciate simplicity

in an already complex life.

10 thoughts on “I Smiled Today

  1. very reflective Yvonne! makes me think that it’s all about the effort we put into relationships, and is it for our benefit or for others? i will be ruminating over this piece this week especially in my devotion time to help me be more attentive to others, lovely post.

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    1. Thanks. You have provided a different angle to this perspective. It is about relationships and learning to appreciate our present moment when you really think of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Me and wife were coming from Chicago this weekend and stopped in McDonald and seen an elderly couple walking holding hands and both could barely walk. Nicole said that’s how she vision us and we both…smiled.

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