Love Conquers All


Life is more than a hand-out.

So, find ways to stand out.

To survive in this world,

life requires more than a few tricks up your sleeves.

If you fail to plan, you’ll crumble over a measly dollar or two;

swallowed up trying to survive on minimum wage

living in times when the rich gets richer and the poor faces cruelty.

You might face things said because to them your hair seem “nappy”

or your skin is a few shades too dark-

darkened by the God in the heaven above.

We’re living in times others climbing the corporate ladders

will ask you to hold the ladder they climb.

Where’s the unity, when we know life

requires more than compensation

to know there is more to all this non-sense?

Haven’t you figured out, we’re all essential,

we’re in this together?

Why don’t we come to our senses,

or better than that, come to Jesus-

give Him a try.

But whatever we do,

let’s not find ourselves swallowed in sorrow.

Keep dreaming,

Keep hope alive,

Keep the PEACE,

don’t life get us down,

we’re bigger than that,

for a matter-of-fact,

we’re much more better than that….

You are you,

and I am me…

together we are UNITY

we can demonstrate PEACE,

LOVE conquers all.


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