Sweet Aromatic Therapy to Stench



Sweet aromatic therapy

my plans for the evening,

relaxation and meditation

after a long day at work.

My mind is now on mute-

engulfed in sweet fragrances,

spending down time on the chaise,

relaxed on chill,

when the mind began to wander

finding its way to the homeless man

from the other day…

I’ve seen homeless before,

the heartstrings are always pulled-

going from concerned to sorrow-

then to helplessness.

But, homelessness has taken on a new facelift

the outcome looks like you and me.

It’s not easily recognizable at times,

it’s hidden behind a smile,

look closely into the faces of the ladies, men,

and children at church,

your co-workers,

family or friends,

you’re find it there.

It wandered into my path

the other day.

I looked into the eyes of fear and desperation.

It was the face of a 76 years old man.

Some hearts are hardened

to its plight,

because some have been scammed.

I gave no resistance the other day

to sow my seeds of kindness.

Now, as I sink further into thoughts

attempting to relax

in aromatic calm,

I must take a moment

to imagine the stench

the homeless bask in

to escape to a

place they consider home.


22 thoughts on “Sweet Aromatic Therapy to Stench

  1. Awesome poem Yvonne! Your words touched so many emotions, and I like you believe that we can and need to sow seeds of selfless and genuine kindness and love to those we might find are in need! God bless my sister and may your thanksgiving be amazingly blessed!

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  2. Simply marvelous and an awesome poem Yvonne. Your words touched me so much. Your picture was so apt to your poem and yes we need to be selfless and spread genuine kindness and love to those we might find who are really in need.

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  3. Such benevolent thoughts.
    Its real sad to see a person, especially an elderly person abandoned by his family, staying on the streets. And I think of how much of money the rich splurge on brand names and luxuries,. If only every MAN would care for the OTHER MAN Less Fortunate than him, help him and care for him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s why daily when I pray, I say a pray for all these Old People abandoned by their families, staying on the streets and implore GOD to give them food to eat daily and take them fast into his Heavenly Abode.

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    1. Cattie, thanks for sharing your thoughts and adding to the message. I agree, if each person make any effort to meet the need of another many needs are met. I appreciate you taking time to visit and read! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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