A Symphony of Brotherhood

Violinist, Miri Ben Ari’s rendition of “Symphony of Brotherhood” is a reminder society should become a symphony of brotherhood like Dr. Martin Luther King eloquently spoke about in his infamous speech “I Have a Dream.”

In actuality, society is really like a woven blanket. It’s entwined with the tapestry of diversity and cultural differences. It’s woven with the threads of political, religious, and philosophical differences. Its beauty is more visually seen when all its threads are tightly knitted and joined together to create a perfect blend of harmony.

Dr. Martin Luther King understood a nation is healed, and it is whole when its citizen can come together and walk in unity.  When there is no unity, like a woven blanket with holes in it, things will unravel and fall a part.

As harmonious notes to a song, we should live in society like a symphony of brotherhood. Then, as Dr. Martin Luther King says in his I Have a Dream speech, “we will be able to work together, pray together, to stand up to freedom together, knowing one day that we will be free.”


7 thoughts on “A Symphony of Brotherhood

  1. Beautiful words, Yvonne: both yours and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s. There are lots of holes in the blanket right now, and they need to be repaired. Most of the people I know are on the far left of the political spectrum, and they have no interest in coming together and joining their threads with those who disagree with them. I understand their anger, and am angry myself at the way things are going. But it has to happen, otherwise the blanket will continue to unravel. The more we see each other as stereotypical representatives of some ‘other’ group; the less we’ll see each other as human beings, and the more extreme our nation’s politics will become. That’s why we have to remember that those who disagree with us are still our brothers and sisters.

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  2. This was just so beautifully written Yvonne, if only one day we could have this world King spoke and dreamed about, where we can be united by something and not pulled apart by the fabric that makes us.

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  3. Such a timely message — and not just because of Dr. King’s Holiday. The discord playing throughout every state in our nation is deafening! If we don’t stand up for what is just and true, we will succumb to the lies of fools. We need to be more discerning, and we need to stand up.

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