You’re Invited



Dear Mr. or Mrs. (Ms.) Reader

You are cordially invited to a makeover party.

Don’t worry if you’re a man, even you can

use a little makeover too. Besides, you’re like this one.

This event is promised to become a life-changer.

If you can’t see yourself differently,

or you’re in need of a lift,

you will after your burdens are lifted.

Forget about your weight loss plans

or those things weighing you down.

Your load will naturally become lighter.

Leave your bottles behind.

Free joy and spirit are enough for everyone.

The only thing required is your positive energy.

Please, no gifts and no money.

Leave all negativity behind.

You’re the guest of honor,

it’s all about you!

Dress code: Come as you are…

Time: Anytime

Place: Right where you are


`Yvonne L.

Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word (Invitation)



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