Success is Always Waiting



I’m Success…

I’m on the other side waiting for you.

Just stick to your goals.

Yes, there are distractions along the journey.

You might get discouraged and face some obstacles.


Just keep moving towards me,

I’m waiting right here.

While on your way,

here are some suggestions, if I may…

Keep your focus.

Have a clear plan.

Prioritize, organize, and push your way.

Trust me when I say,

the struggle gets easier day by day.


But, in the end,

one valuable thing you can do,

be persistent,

it’s well worth your time.

Trust me,

I’m Success,

I should know.


If you don’t mind me offering you advice,

it may take a little time getting here,

please understand when you arrive,

although you did with diligence and

determination, be assured,  I’m not

a final destination.

There’s always more room for you,

there’s more levels for you to explore.


11 thoughts on “Success is Always Waiting

  1. Great post, Yvonne! I love how you personified Success. You’re right…success isn’t the final destination. As long as you’re alive and able, you must continue to grow and learn and experience more success. Living on purpose will allow you to encounter Success time and again. Happy Sunday, Sis. ❤

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