It’s Official – One Year Anniversary

Well it’s official.  357 posts later, over 12,000 views, I’ve made the

One year mark here at WordPress! Stats, I don’t know what you they

mean or what they equate too. Can they really capture the

true value of what one place in his or her work, the hours, time

and  thought-process or what it means to touch one single

soul or inspire at least one?

I remember signing on my first post by saying “Hello World,

I’m here!” I was wondering how anyone would ever know

my blog existed. So, for me, while numbers are important,

just knowing there are others who crossed my path and are

enlightened or inspired by something I might write

is more of importance.

Thanks to each one of you who have followed, commented,

liked, or visited to view “Peaceful Journey.”  While I am proud

of this milestone,  I look forward to many more. I am happy

to have you continue this journey with me.

My blog has evolved, and I have grown in the midst.

I have grown to learn a little more about some of you as well as

witnessed your dedication and diligence. I applaud your efforts

and encourage you to continue pursuing your passions and

fulfill your goals.

Cheers to One Year!

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