It’s Monday, So What?


Why look at Monday with the blues?

Look ahead, take a wider view.

There’s more ahead than what you see.

Why start Monday with a drag?

Change you view, get your focus-

move forward to the weekend.

It’s Monday, so what?

The answer is clear.

You woke up to see it.


12 thoughts on “It’s Monday, So What?

  1. How incredibly creative and positive! Monday doesn’t have to be a drag, it your fresh start, it’s your do-over, it a brand new beginning or a continuation of goodness. Monday needs a new reputation and you are giving it one! Love the post! Have a great week:)

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    1. This is probably scientifically true. I wonder how much of it is related to stress some often encounter the first day of the week. I’m sure there are systemic reasons and causes. For this reason, moreso, maybe we should look at how we look at or react to Mondays.

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