Can We Talk Cake and Juice?

ripe orange with leaves on white background

Recently, I ran across a scenario question. The question goes like this- I’ll paraphrase,  two people need an orange, but there is only one orange available. How should they handle their situation?

One and half oranges

Of course the obvious solution seems to give each one a half of the orange. But, not quite.

A better solution is to get an understanding of each other’s need.  The reason-  half of an orange will not meet the need of either. One person needs the orange to fill her cup of juice, and the other person needs to grate the orange rind for the Orange cake she is baking.

Without communication, both will fail to meet each other’s grated for the Orange cake and squeezed for the juice.

Simply asking to gain an understanding of the other’s need would provide a solution.


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