No Place Like Home


Recently, for Family and Friends Day, a family member invited me to the church which provided the beginning of my spiritual journey. I consider this church a place where my spiritual roots were first planted. Soon after walking into the church, the fans, Sunday school programs, scripture cards, pews, deacons, deaconess, and choir brought back familiar memories from my past.

It seemed like yesterday, although actually it’s over 40 years since my sisters and I were little girls attending Sunday school or Summer Bible school in this very same church.


So, now, how could I sense a good vibe or aura simply by being in this place? I asked myself.  The answer was clear. I was home. There is no place like home.

It does not matter how long its been or how many times you return. You are returning to memories of a place which is special. It’s the place you consider home.

Not everyone share a fond memory of home. Some do not have a physical place to call home. But, what some fail to realize, home is more than a physical place. Home is a state of being. It’s the place where you feel whole.

Home quotes and sayings

6 thoughts on “No Place Like Home

  1. I agree home is a state of being.
    It’s being okay with yourself.
    So many people seek happiness but what they really need is to look deep inside themselves and discover home.
    That’s where God is and that’s where He’s calling us all to.
    There’s no place like home…

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