Waiting at the Bottom


For some, rollercoasters are invigorating and filled with exciting thrills. There’s much anticipation and anxiety.  As the ride ascends and descends through loop after loops, the body is turned upside down repeatedly, you’re entangled with emotions of laughter, tears, joy, and fear. 

Finally, when the ride ends, one, more than likely, sense of relief or excitement.

At times, isn’t life like a rollercoaster? One minute everything seems fine and suddenly a circumstance changes things. Life does change from better to worse. But, it does not stay in the same condition.

Like a rollercoaster, when you’re either up or down it seems, whenever the worse is over, there’s a sense of relief, and when things are going well it’s exciting. You want to stay in the moment.

Between the ups and downs, there’s another position. It’s a position of  remaining grounded.  The benefits of grounding yourself is when life takes you for a ride, you’re in position to brace yourself for whatever comes your way.

Through the ups and downs, you’ll remain encouraged in knowing, “no matter what”, it will come to an end. You’re find, you are like the person at the bottom of the rollercoaster  waiting for others to get off.

Find a position or posture you can remain grounded- it’s possible to live life this way.

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