A Tale of the Fur Ball


A tiny fur ball began to roll.

It rolled and rolled,

and rolled and rolled.

Then one day it formed a tail.

The tail grew long and long,

and long and long.

The fur ball started chasing its tail.

It chased and chased,

and chased and chased.

Then, the fur ball began to grow out of control.

It grew and grew,

and grew and grew.

Then, no one could stop the fur ball.

No one tried to restrain it.

So, one day it grew into a monster.

Today, no one can control it.


4 thoughts on “A Tale of the Fur Ball

  1. I admit as I read, I kept thinking about my cat. Hehe. He was a little ball of fur, grew a tail, and he’s a frolicky little monster that I love very much. But as you talked about addition, well…yes, I could see that, too. Well done! 🙂

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