Just Do It Now!


Stop putting things off for tomorrow

one day it may never come.

Stop waiting for next week

next week you might need more time.

Stop wishing for another day-

whenever another day is not promised.

Don’t plan to do it later –

In time, later you might decide not yet,

and don’t put it off because you’re not sure.

If you’re not sure now,

you might never do it in the future either.

Do it while you still have time because

perhaps someday you’ll never have another chance.

So, do it!

Just do it Now!


`Yvonne L.





One thought on “Just Do It Now!

  1. Thanks for that nudge. We all need a nudge from time to time. When we’re young, we feel we’ll have plenty of time, so we don’t act — possibly missing the opportunity of a lifetime. There’s no better time than now to boldly walk in your purpose.

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