Humpty Dumpty, Who or What You’re Falling For?


Today was youth Sunday at church.  I like the message was prepared two-fold for adults and children. Some of the most powerful messages sometimes are found in its simplest form.

As the pastor delivered the message, I appreciated the use of a nursery rhyme (Humpty Dumpty) relatable to the youth but thought-provoking enough for adults to convey a powerful message to both generations.

Prior to the message, I did not realize there were several possible origins of the Humpty Dumpty tale.  From what I learned, before the tale became a nursery rhyme, it was thought Humpty Dumpty possibly represented either a cannon over in England during the Civil War named Humpty Dumpty, strong beverage, large person or a riddle. Some  sources reveal other points of origin.

In saying all of this, I deducted this tale reveals more of a moralistic theme but serves simply as entertainment for children.

Now, for those who remember, the tale goes- “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great, all the King’s horses, all the King’s member, couldn’t put humpty back together again.” What a powerful fall one might conclude.

Well, the pastor challenged our thinking by pointing out three powerful spiritual details we should consider, I’ll paraphrase:

1) Be careful where and among whom we sit.

2) What or who will cause you to stumble and fall?

3) There may come a time when your mother, your father, your family and friends will not have the power to put some things together or in place for you, only the Lord can.

Who or what you are falling for?

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