He Makes the Uncommon Common

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Let’s be mindful to keep the real reason we celebrate the birth of Christ in perspective. Someone said, “years of old, people lived longer, therefore, they had babies at an older age.” The truth is, not so. Not at Sarah’s age.

During biblical times when Sarah received word she would conceive this was not common. We know her apprehension was because of her age. Sarah was 90.

When Sarah finally conceived, her pregnancy was considered a miracle, it was uncommon. Sarah even laughed at the thought of being pregnant. Yet, God’s word was fulfilled and along came Isaac.

There is another biblical reference of an unlikely conception, when the angel Gabriel brought word to Mary she would conceive, as a virgin, she was troubled by his words. It was common for young girls wedded around her age to conceive, but it was uncommon impossible without the involvement of human DNA or some form of genetic connection.

Yet, sure enough, Mary became pregnant and provided the entry for Jesus’ immaculate birth. It was a miracle, considering without the aid or intervention of a human.

Why are these details important? Well, in times such as the one we presently face, the uncommon seems common.  Some might asked or not even consider what’s exceptional about an older woman or a virgin conceiving since scientific technology and medical procedures make a conception possible. It has become common.

The truth is, what is uncommon, God can only make common and the impossible possible. Have you considered scientifically if it’s possible, it was never impossible. Science can only replicate or duplicate what already is- either by alteration or experimental.

In other words, Scientists study and are experimental based on substances that already exists. With God, He creates the original and makes “all things possible” that’s the difference. God produces what man reproduces. He created the reason before it was a season and without the reason there would be no season. Without the uncommon there is no miracle.

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