I Demand Your Attention

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Come out your hiatus, your sabbatical is over. I demand your attention. You notice I didn’t say, “may I have your attention?” Those who speak and call my name all day, stop! Listen carefully to what I say.

Don’t continue to spew fake news or write false information about me. I’ll introduce myself.

I don’t care about your interest or what is politically correct. I don’t care about your religion or who name you confess. I don’t observe any traditions or care about agendas. I don’t consider social status or positions you may hold.

No. you did not send for me, I an uninvited. I’m like a thief, I force my way. I’m more than the worse nightmare imagined. I’m vicious as the pit of hell, ruthless and merciless, can’t you tell?

There’s no need to see me, nothing is charming about me. Forget all your vanity and charm, I don’t discriminate. I don’t care about beauty, the young or old. I am not a respecter of the rich nor the poor. I don’t even care about the color of your hue.

Day and night, I control your life. I have the power to make your world stand still. Regardless if you’re a democratic, capitalist, socialist, or communist society, I make you all shut down. I’m ruthless enough to cause sanctuaries doors to shut.

Yes, I’m viciously cunning like that, but I’m not foolish.

Why do you think I fight against mitigation and social distancing?

I have seen the power of prayer. I see when others come together prayerfully or on one accord, I will not reign; when they plead the blood or call the name of Jesus, I will not win.

By now you might wonder who I am. No, I’m not satan.

He’s more deadly than me.

I am covid 19.

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