Discovery Prompt Day 17 – Distance

Nothing is as distant as an estranged relationship. When the two no longer feel togetherness, the distance is unnerving. It eats at your core. The bridge between the two is hard to cross. When tension adds up to a high hill it switches to mountainous accusations.

When the lack of communication has reached its peak, distance is an enemy to any relationship. At this point, to move from a rocky to smooth place, it takes both to decide if the distance widens or closes in.

The only way around it is to gravitate back to the place of destination while trying to avoid slippery slopes. Getting to that place is not easy. The momentum is different. It might require different tools to find your way especially if both perspectives have slightly changes. If there is friction and some spots are still heated, there is a need to test the water.

Relax, breathe, listen to each other. Mountains are tiresome, they’re frustrating and exhausting. Keep a little distance between each other.

Calm down, keep moving along. Once things are settled down, it’s worth the journey.

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