Discover Prompt Day 20 – Music

What is music? Music is a creation of sounds, harmony, rhythm, tempo, and beats in art form. It transcends language barriers, regions, ages, religions, and mindsets. Music soothes the soul, it heals, deliver, and the weary free.

Music unifies, it teaches, ministers, charms and warms the heart.

Music is a channel for love, it is a conduit.

Music is movement. It crosses universal barriers. Music is not discriminative, it makes itself home in places where others can not go. Music can travel beyond forbidden wall and restricted places where others are sheltered in …

Music is an expression of love, appreciation, individualism, and beliefs.

Music is not confined to anyone’s definition, it is an evolving evolution.

Music serenades, woos, stimulates, and relaxes the mind, body, and soul.

Music is a living organism which burrows deep in the soul.

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