Stop and Smell the Roses

The old adage, “stop and smell the roses, “ is a metaphor for taking time to embrace life with a sense of appreciation.

In times like this, some find difficulty expressing appreciation or can’t see any reason to show gratitude. Their energy is misdirected to focus on the things going wrong than appreciating all which is right.

Furthermore, currently, the world faces many uncertainties and unanswered questions clouding out the sense of gratitude.

Nevertheless, in the midst of it all, take the time to see life differently. Examine the reasons you should express gratitude. There are more than you realize.

For starters, if you’re reading this post, be thankful you woke up today. If you understand and comprehend what you’re reading, be thankful for the use of your sound mind. If you can write or create your posts, have gratitude.

These little blessings and so many like them seem minute, but they are blessings taken for granted and often overlook.

The next time you think there aren’t many reasons for gratitude, “stop and smell the roses,” pause and think about the simple things in life.

2 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Roses

    1. Hi, thanks! Those roses were given to me as a gift. I love them too. You are correct, we should use times like this to reflect and appreciate the simple things out of life. I’m hoping we all come out of this with a higher level of thinking. Enjoy your weekend!

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