Today I Smiled

I smiled today.

I smiled because in a complex society

I can smile because of the simplicity I see in life.

Today, I saw a little girl wearing a crisp white bow

neatly tied around her afro-puffs.

I saw a little boy wearing Converse tennis shoes

and white socks with blue stripes.

I smiled because he was wearing shoes I recognized.

I smiled today when I saw a family of four

on their way into the house of worship together

instead of staying home to watch Netflix separately.

I smiled after seeing an elderly couple who could barely walk

holding hands like they’re holding onto to their dear life.

I saw a stranger helping someone across the street and smiled.

I smiled after hearing a young girl answer “yes ma’am”

when I asked her if she’s Annie Lee’s daughter.

I smiled because rarely you hear those words today

and respect came easy during times when respect is not easily found.

I  smiled today after remembering the days when life was simple,

and like others, I desired a little more complexity because

I knew there was more to life.

Today I smiled because I now realize

it was not the complexity I needed,

I needed to appreciate simplicity

in an already complex

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