Thanks A Mirage of Hope



Every morning,

with the aid of his walker,

the old man took his morning stroll.

To him,

morning strolls meant more than

just a routine,

they were his elixir. 

Around the same time every morning,

a stranger passed by him.


instead of the old man seeing the jogger,

he saw his shadow

as a mirage of hope.

Success is Always Waiting



I’m Success…

I’m on the other side waiting for you.

Just stick to your goals.

Yes, there are distractions along the journey.

You might get discouraged and face some obstacles.


Just keep moving towards me,

I’m waiting right here.

While on your way,

here are some suggestions, if I may…

Keep your focus.

Have a clear plan.

Prioritize, organize, and push your way.

Trust me when I say,

the struggle gets easier day by day.


But, in the end,

one valuable thing you can do,

be persistent,

it’s well worth your time.

Trust me,

I’m Success,

I should know.


If you don’t mind me offering you advice,

it may take a little time getting here,

please understand when you arrive,

although you did with diligence and

determination, be assured,  I’m not

a final destination.

There’s always more room for you,

there’s more levels for you to explore.


You’re Invited



Dear Mr. or Mrs. (Ms.) Reader

You are cordially invited to a makeover party.

Don’t worry if you’re a man, even you can

use a little makeover too. Besides, you’re like this one.

This event is promised to become a life-changer.

If you can’t see yourself differently,

or you’re in need of a lift,

you will after your burdens are lifted.

Forget about your weight loss plans

or those things weighing you down.

Your load will naturally become lighter.

Leave your bottles behind.

Free joy and spirit are enough for everyone.

The only thing required is your positive energy.

Please, no gifts and no money.

Leave all negativity behind.

You’re the guest of honor,

it’s all about you!

Dress code: Come as you are…

Time: Anytime

Place: Right where you are


`Yvonne L.

Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word (Invitation)



Welcome New Year!


Happy New Year.gif

5,4, 3, 2, 1…

Many will reflect, celebrate, make resolutions and have expectations for the new year. Many will declare a “better year” than before…

Welcome New Year! We welcome you!

How many times each year you’ve made a declaration “this is the year” dismissing previous years?

Instead of looking for the magic in a “new year” examine how you are looking at your current year.

After all, a new year does not guarantee a better life. But, a better life can be guaranteed by how you see your new year!

Intentionally, avoid saying today is not a good day, consider saying today is a good day with the exception of what happened today.

When facing the loss of a job, loved one, finances, etc., remind yourself “this too shall pass,” what I am facing today will be over.

Remember, nothing last forever. Keep living, the best and worst will happen, but like in all things, they will eventually pass.

Just think, if you are reading this post, you made it to the end of  a year! You are survivor! You are more than a conqueror! (Roman 8:37)  Even when  you didn’t see how or believe in conquering.

Go ahead, think of the worst that has happened, do you feel the same way you felt when it was happening? Is the pain as intense now?

More than likely not. The reason why, “old things pass away and all things become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17) for those believing for a better hope of promise.

So, Welcome the new year! But like the first day of any year, welcome each day and each moment as though it’s the first!

Renewing your minds daily. Remember, in all things whatever the challenge, “this too shall pass!”

`Yvonne L

Response to the Daily Prompt challenge – Today’s word (Renewal)

Press Forward, No Time to Retreat



One of the infamous quotes from many of Dr. Martin

Luther King hold truth,  “If you can’t fly then run, If you can’t run

then walk, If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have

to keep moving forward.”

If you are living there is no time for stagnation. It’s easy

to retreat and allow life to pass you by, but if you do nothing,

you will receive nothing. Life is an active force. There is energy

all around us. It’s true, whether we see it or not, the laws of

attraction are in effect. We are affected by our actions.

One of the mantras I often use, “if you want change, then

you change.” If you want things to happen, then make

them happen! Do not retreat before time.  There is a time and purpose for all things. Stay mindful, timing is important!

Know when to rest or keep it moving!