Sweet Aromatic Therapy to Stench



Sweet aromatic therapy

my plans for the evening,

relaxation and meditation

after a long day at work.

My mind is now on mute-

engulfed in sweet fragrances,

spending down time on the chaise,

relaxed on chill,

when the mind began to wander

finding its way to the homeless man

from the other day…

I’ve seen homeless before,

the heartstrings are always pulled-

going from concerned to sorrow-

then to helplessness.

But, homelessness has taken on a new facelift

the outcome looks like you and me.

It’s not easily recognizable at times,

it’s hidden behind a smile,

look closely into the faces of the ladies, men,

and children at church,

your co-workers,

family or friends,

you’re find it there.

It wandered into my path

the other day.

I looked into the eyes of fear and desperation.

It was the face of a 76 years old man.

Some hearts are hardened

to its plight,

because some have been scammed.

I gave no resistance the other day

to sow my seeds of kindness.

Now, as I sink further into thoughts

attempting to relax

in aromatic calm,

I must take a moment

to imagine the stench

the homeless bask in

to escape to a

place they consider home.


Goodwill Dissipate Borders



The humanistic nature of humanity is more

powerful than any border.

The innate nature to do goodwill towards others

is more powerful than erecting boundaries of

opposition during hardship. 

Unified efforts will dissipate unified efforts to

divide in the time of need.


Through love and kindness are others drawn.”





~Yvonne L


Keeping those in the areas of Hurricane Matthew in thoughts

and prayers


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word (Border)

Biblical reference (Romans 12:10)



I Dare You



The most challenging dare

is not one that is risky or dangerous.

The most challenging dare

is one which challenges you to stretch

beyond the limitations to being the best you.

Give it a try.


`Yvonne L


Response  to the Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s word (Daring)

Don’t Cheat On Yourself



Don’t cheat yourself. Are you using the gifts and talents you are given on the level you are capable of achieving? There is greatness inside each one of you waiting for you to cultivate and stretch to its fullest potential.

A few days ago, I viewed a video of someone informing her audience of  an event occurring in five days. The creativity of her dialogue and appeal to prospective attendees was ingenious.

This person was entertaining, informative, and persuasive. Watching the video felt more like a bona fide professional infomercial. In a few days the video had accumulated to a large viewership from a simple but creative presentation.

So, what am I saying? Whatever you’re passionate about you will do it with a level of excellence. You will do it above the efforts of others with enthusiasm. Others will sense your heart is in what you are saying or doing, and they are drawn.

This is where selling yourself short comes in. How often have you and I cheated ourselves? How often we have fallen short of our potential or become mediocre in what we were doing.  We may get the job done, but we have not given our best. Therefore, we are not quite effective and prolific as we desire.

Although I attempt to do my best in what I do, I have to ask myself, am I challenging my full potential? I thought about this when I viewed the video. Like the woman in the video, I know I have a niche for creativity. I enjoy doing things unconventional or applying an out-of-box approach to create interest. But, at times, I question, am I hitting the mark below my potential?

The answer is yes, at times.  If I am, well, I am cheating myself. I am robbing myself of full potential of effectiveness. I need to excel or strive for excellence all the time. By this way, if I fall short, it is not because I did not aim for excellence, but it is also not far from the mark.

I don’t aspire to sell myself short of its potential. What about you?