I am honored and excited to announce I have the privilege of working with a dynamic group of women from different parts of the country. They have different professions, different journeys, and different perspectives, but we all share one common bond. We are walking out our God-given destiny for our lives. We are a part of a Mindset-to-Manifest 2020 Anthology book project. November 12th, we will release our book, “Unveiling Purpose,” and share our stories about how we walked through our adversities to success. We’ve learned how to align our will with the perfect will for our lives.

I will provide more details how to support this book project soon to released on Amazon. Thanks for reading and supporting my blog!

Justice for All

Should I give up my rights to freedom so you can keep your rights?

Should I relinquish my morals and convictions

because they’re an offense to you?

Should I forfeit what I believe

to make you comfortable in what you believe?

Should I be silent to give you a voice?

Should I be bound while you are free?

Should I lose my identity so you can keep yours ?

Should I shrink so you can grow?

Should I become miserable to make you happy?

Should I only listen and never be heard?

Should I die so you can live?

Where is the equality?

Where is the liberty and justice for all?