Justice for All

Should I give up my rights to freedom so you can keep your rights?

Should I relinquish my morals and convictions

because they’re an offense to you?

Should I forfeit what I believe

to make you comfortable in what you believe?

Should I be silent to give you a voice?

Should I be bound while you are free?

Should I lose my identity so you can keep yours ?

Should I shrink so you can grow?

Should I become miserable to make you happy?

Should I only listen and never be heard?

Should I die so you can live?

Where is the equality?

Where is the liberty and justice for all?

I Will – Affirmations

I will stand in my truth, I will not accept a forced identity.

I will embrace a life of peace, I will not live my life angry.

I will love unconditionally, I will not allow hatred to rob me of loving freely.

I will see the best in mankind, I will not be blinded by prejudices.

I will speak truth to power, I will not silently condone injustices.

I will uplift others, I will not tear anyone down.

I will administer healing, I will not inflict pain to cause others to bleed.

I will stay strong, I will not succumb to weakness.

Inspirational Sunday Affirmations

I am aligned with the divine mindset of peace and a higher level of thinking.

I will not waver because of what I see and the cares of this world.

I am balanced in all my ways and not double-minded.

I will not allow my flesh to rule my spirit.

I am solid, I am steady, I am centered.

I shall not be moved.

I am grounded.