I Will Travel on Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving

I have plans to travel out my bedroom

into the dining room

and spend a little time there.

I haven’t been there in awhile.

Then, when I leave there,

I will leave the house,

perhaps go sight-seeing

in the yard, I’ll stroll through

the front and back for a little bit

before I retreat back to the bedroom.

Unveiling Purpose

We were created intentional and purposeful. Today, I received this revelation in a way I needed it. When we downplay our potential or fail to walk in our purpose to please others because we do not want to be viewed as an overachiever, we’re denying the fulfillment of why we were created. We’re not aligning with our purpose. We are accommodating someone who fails to do the same- to make him or her feel comfortable. I’m on a journey to unveil my purpose. #UnveilingPurpose



I am honored and excited to announce I have the privilege of working with a dynamic group of women from different parts of the country. They have different professions, different journeys, and different perspectives, but we all share one common bond. We are walking out our God-given destiny for our lives. We are a part of a Mindset-to-Manifest 2020 Anthology book project. November 12th, we will release our book, “Unveiling Purpose,” and share our stories about how we walked through our adversities to success. We’ve learned how to align our will with the perfect will for our lives.

I will provide more details how to support this book project soon to released on Amazon. Thanks for reading and supporting my blog!