I Will – Affirmations

I will stand in my truth, I will not accept a forced identity.

I will embrace a life of peace, I will not live my life angry.

I will love unconditionally, I will not allow hatred to rob me of loving freely.

I will see the best in mankind, I will not be blinded by prejudices.

I will speak truth to power, I will not silently condone injustices.

I will uplift others, I will not tear anyone down.

I will administer healing, I will not inflict pain to cause others to bleed.

I will stay strong, I will not succumb to weakness.

Straight from the Heart

On today, citizens for the cause of social justice and equality have taken a pause to reflect on the state of the nation and to show their solidarity- Black lives. No, today’s black out is not spearheaded by the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s simply Blackout Tuesday inspired by two women in the music industry.

It’s a day some celebrities, businesses, and others have taken on the charge and chosen to seek ways to provide means to promote the betterment for our people and others by refraining from the usual mundane social media postings. Yes, all lives matter. Like others, I know, agree, and understand; unfortunately, it’s necessary to remind some, black lives matter, too.

I find it interesting to have anyone, regardless of race, ask “what can we do to ensure others are treated fairly?” But, for those who must ask and seek answers, Love your neighbor as yourself. Treat others like you want to be treated. Understand, we ALL are created in the image and likeness of God. When you see an injustice do something, say something. When you can make a difference make a positive and empowering difference. Care for people just as much as you do your pets and animals. Don’t show compassion only for those who look like you. Respect ALL humanity not out of sense of obligation but because it’s your reasonable service. Use your position or power status to do things right for ALL people. I can go on and on. Just simple, basic, common principles, mostly biblical, which applies at all times and for all humanity.

Today the blackout is criticized by some and there’s some confusion, like in many things, there are naysayers and those sitting by the sidelines with input but never output. These are the ones never proactive. Yet, it’s nothing new, Jesus and the disciples were familiar with them as well.

A blackout is not necessary, perhaps to you, nor embraced by all, it’s perfectly fine. It’s really symbolism. But, here’s my personal reasoning for choosing to blackout. I am a product of the Civil Rights era, we understood the power of peaceful protest.

My uncle was very active in the movement, he set the examples for (my siblings) me to understand- until all are unified for the cause of social justice and equality the direction you’re moving towards is stagnant. It’s like pulling a dead horse.

As a child, I saw the movement was about doing something different, not violent, but sometimes seemingly radical enough to promote and stimulate change. When we were told to stay home, we stayed home. When they said, “stay out this store,“ we didn’t patronize. We knew in a capitalist society the effectiveness of refraining from channeling our money, to places we were not welcomed.

Biblical teachings also let us know the power of unity. If we do not stand for something, we’re fall for anything. Indecisiveness and apathy are nothing new to the kingdom. Besides, many are still contemplating whether to embrace the Word of God.

Naturally my temperament is calm and peaceful, but I am never passive when it comes to disrespect. I do something and say something. If you haven’t seen otherwise, then, apparently you haven’t shown me disrespect. I address the issue like Jesus in his encounter in the temple. No, I don’t throw things, demonstrate violence, or yell profanity, just consider my actions righteous indignation.

There’s a time when enough is enough. Times like these are one of those. Enough is enough, if you agree, don’t be like the naysayers by not making a difference.

Go vote, if you haven’t. Complete your census, if you haven’t. Then, if you’ve done all the above, find someone who haven’t. Imagine if we channel efforts to do something productive the things we can accomplish.

In the meantime, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Not sometime, ALL the time. Something as simple but powerful is a start- and can make a whole world of a difference.

I Still Believe -Affirmation

Just Like You

This morning, I woke up and gave thanks for another beautiful day.

I brushed my teeth, took a bath, combed my hair and ate breakfast.

I talked with my daughter, my granddaughter, and sister.

I checked on an elderly relative to make sure she was alright.

I meditated.

I was on a conference call.

I watched the news.

I watered my plants.

I am thinking about how to plan my day.

I am relaxing and having a peaceful day .

Which one of my actions mean I’m less of a human than you?

These Eyes Have Seen

These eyes have seen my people shackled,

cramped in ships, witnessed masters snatch

babies from mothers’ arms, and the auctions of

husbands and fathers.

These eyes have seen the face of torment,

stared into the eyes of hatred,

witnessed mouths shut against injustices-

and uttered prayers in silence.

These eyes have witnessed ears deafen

from loud wails of treacherous acts-

forced to see souls tossed in the

belly of satan’s abyss-

These eyes have flowed tears enough to fill rivers

and watch predators ran rampant like scavengers-

these eyes have seen blood baptisms of my people

since the days of my youth.

These eyes have looked to the heavens,

I’ve questioned how long others would capturers

be allowed to capture some like prey-

those guilty of despicable acts-

to them are like child’s play-

their acts of terrorism like first nature.

I could only lament in my spirit.

I could only pray and dream often.

Dream the kind of dreams where visions of hope

expand and create new territories-

offering a place my people could escape.

Dreams, like, God’s word is true,

vengeance is His,

and one day He will repay those of such deeds.

I’d died one death if it was the price to pay

to set all people free from injustices-

because these eyes have seen

more than a soul should see.