Eye Witness: An Account of Love

Eye Witness: An Account of Love

The Account:

Like panoramic images, visions

of our love flashes before me.

He is holding me closely,

I’m buried safely in his arms.

We’re walking hands in hand,

slowly taking our strides together.

I’m all smiles, he is too.

The busy world surrounds us,

but we barely notice.

Our world is perfect,

we’re on top of the world.

He and I are on one accord,

at peace, and in love.

We’re making plans for our future.

Life will be wonderful.

We’re unstoppable, unbreakable,

and hopeless romantics …

Our love is perfect.

Wait a minute, what’s this?  

news flash

Breaking News?

breaking news

an awakening

Stay tuned

The Act of Being in Love

The Act of Being in Love


The act of “being in love” is a mental state of fulfillment.

It’s where happy hearts are lit and blaze within.

It is where two merging souls meet in a mutual place.

The act of “being in love” requires commitment.

It’s the inner knowing the love connection is pure-

and when the blazing flame is no longer felt-

the determination and willingness

to keep the heart warm and love alive is innate.


`Yvonne L