Three Line Tales – Week 228

The sign clearly says “No parking. 24 hour active drive way.

It does not say, I have no right to take a little rest right here.

Mine your business, as for your concerns, I’ve got more than my foot on and off the ground, I own this property.

Photo credit: Juan Ordonez via Unsplash

Three Line Tales – Week 226

I see the sign, we all see the signs but enter anyway. Boundaries gets the best of our ego.

It isn’t the unknown which intrigues us, it’s the forbidden we desire to find the answer to- why not.

We’ll walk right pass danger signs, in defiance to the law of consequence, to get the answer.

Photo credit: Raul Najera via Unsplash

Three Line Tales – Week 225

Photo credit: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

He finds it’s easier for the squares to fit within the squares and the circles within the circles.

But, there’s other ways circles and squares fit together. If you’re a circle, you’d need to choose the right square to fit in.

If you’re a square, the fit is a little ackward, and you’d need to shrink to fit into the circle. It’s called the circle of life.

Three Line Tales – Week 224

Photo Credit Nick Fewings via UnSplash

Time flies, flow with it. Seize the moment. It’s yours. Use it wisely. Do it now!

Show up, take the plunge, even when others soar low, soar high!

Tomorrow is not promised, time waits for no one, so grab hold, and hold tight.

Three Lines Tale – Week 223

Photo Credit: Michael Glass

Once of upon a time, not so long ago, the people of the world lived their lives freely. Families rode bikes, sun bathe, and jogged freely down these coastal trails.

Along the coastlines, dolphins ascended playfully above the waters with agility and stride. The wild seagulls, pelicans, and fowls soared below the heavenlies.

Then one day, without much notice, a horrific pandemic occurred, it changed the whole world. The people scattered and sheltered -in-place for safety. Since then, the world has not been the same.

The End.

Three Line Tales – Week 222

Photo by Ryan Hafey via Unsplash

Days gone by, these old headlights provided visibility. They lit the way when we were going places.

Nowadays, limited places to go, backed against mountainous challenges, the sense of direction is lost because each of the lights are out. We’re left in the dark.

Hopefully, tomorrow all prayers are answered and hope is fulfilled. Then, the light will illuminate the way again.