Three Line Tales – Week 124

Photo credit: Luis Alfonso Orellano via Unsplash

No one enters the same way he or she exits. The way one enters is not the same way one will come out.

No one entering in with expectations shares the same view as the one coming out with a different view.

No one entered on this side knows exactly what is happening on the other side.

Three Lines Tales – Week 91

Three Line Tales, Week 91

Photo credit: Julien Laurent via Unsplash

If you’re the crow and not the feeder, make sure the hand that feeds you doesn’t cause you to croak over. If you’re the feeder and not the crow, make sure the crow you feed does not deceive you into becoming an old grouchy crow too.

`Yvonne L.

(Response to the Three Lines Tales- Week 91)

Three Line Tales – Week 68

Three Line Tales, Week 68

Photo by Faustin Tuyumbaze via Unsplash

Together, submerged in the crowd, their educational goals were fulfilled because of their dedication, determination and hard work.

Sharing common bonds, shoulder-to-shoulder, unified and in harmony, each one looks ambitiously towards their future.

But, separately, each will walk away on a different path to his or her journey to success.

`Yvonne L.

(Response to the 3Line Tales)