Bullies Need Fixing


Bullies come in all sizes,

ages, status, and ethnicities.

What are bullies? In my words:

Bullies hide themselves behind their shadow

because of cowardliness. They seek their fragments

of gratification by making the lives of others

miserable because they are broken in bits and piece,

bullies need fixing.

What are bullies seeking?

To be whole again.

`Yvonne L

Inspired by Grandmaster T’s blog post entitled “A Bully Rant”

Bullying has Many Facets


Bullying is a form of intimidation that allows the bully to exert his or her superiority over another who is perceived as the weaker vessel with the intent to manipulate, control, or create fear. In today’s society, bullying is not limited to the school yard fight or social media, it’s given an agenda, and it has a platform. It can come in the form of a media outlet, certain interests, or ideology.  Bullying breathes an atmosphere of fear. Don’t be the silent spectator, recognize it, and speak up when, and if, necessary. Bullying is a cowardly despicable act regardless of how and who it’s presented by. Bullying, it’s real.  To promote, encourage, or condone bullying blurs the line between the bully and the spectator.



`Yvonne L


Be a Buddy




Buddy Up!

Stand Up against Bullying!

Be strong!

Stand firm! Buddy Up!

Join forces to stop bullying!

Be a buddy,

not a bully!

Inflicting hurt and harm

on others is cowardly!

Bullying is for cowards!



`Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge.  Today’s word (Buddy)

Choose Your Battles



Some fights are unfair.

Those are cowardly and despicable acts

inflicted by the perpetrator.

They are the ones with intent to cause harm to another.


Aggression against others

is an imbalance in power.

The aggressor never wins.

The reason because the fight is

not mutual.

The confrontation has no balance of power.

A predator versus prey

situation occurs.

        But, there are times

fights are


Not all fights are menacing.

The fight is considered fair

if both parties are willing participants.

Sometimes in life

because of adversities and crisis,

fighting your way out a situation

might require




it’s the battle against resistance.


It is not unfair to fight,

for self-empowerment.

Fight the good fight for health, relationships,

finances, your family

fight with diligence.

You will find, in the end,

your fight was worth fighting,

you’ve fought a good fight.                                                                                                                        



In observance of the Daily Prompt Challenge- today’s word is Fight   

Domestic Violence remains one of the leaders in violence against others. In addition, in this Technological Age of society, cyber bullying is one of the fastest growing forms of aggression against others. It is a crime associated with afflicting aggression and intimidation on others who are vulnerable. One reason the trend of cyber bullying is increasing- those who bully or cause physical and emotional harm to others tend to hide behind their tactics by using electronic devices or anonymity. However, bullying has many faces.

Although some of these faces are not easily recognized- one should consider bullies do not always fight physically. Bullying occurs in the forms of intimidation and control. The use of  spirituality, physical (domestic) abuse, psychological manipulation, threats, and social media (cyber bullying) are common control trends.  Bullying emotionally and physically begins subtly.  If you are or know someone who is a victim of bullying or domestic violence don’t be afraid to take your control back, fight back by exposing the attacker or the attacks. Tell someone. Get the help you need.