A Salute to Bloggers


Bloggers do not always get their deserved recognition for providing others resourceful information. Not only are bloggers creative, they are unselfish, dedicated, passionate, visionaries, and motivators. Many are from various walks of life. They generally do not allow their cultural difference whether philosophical, political, or religious to affect the way they demonstrate transparency, candor, vulnerability, honesty, un-bias perspective, and wisdom.

Whenever time allows, take a little more time in a supportive effort to show appreciation, spotlight, comment on, or inform others of a noteworthy blog or writer you admire. After all, in the blogging community we are all in this together. We share a common cause and are inter-related more than we realize.

I’m reaching new levels and broadening my vision. Like Jabez, I’m claiming new territories in 2017. I’m aiming toward endless possibilities!

Yvonne L.

I Dare You



The most challenging dare

is not one that is risky or dangerous.

The most challenging dare

is one which challenges you to stretch

beyond the limitations to being the best you.

Give it a try.


`Yvonne L


Response  to the Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s word (Daring)

Life is More Than a Smooth Ride

Growing up as a youth, like many youths, I thought becoming an adult was the ultimate thing to do. After all, you get to do what you wanted to do, I thought.

Well, not quite, life is not without resistance as my naive mind supposed.  As a teen, you’re viewing the world from different perspectives. According to my young perspective, I did not figure in a lot of things most adults already knew.

Living a sheltered life as a youth, I was not one to cause a lot of problems. Parenting was different than now,  I find partly because many teens of my era did not want to face the consequences of discipline.

Admittedly, most of my rebellion started in my mid-twenties. In other words, finally I could make independent decisions. Some of my choices as an young adult were good and others were not. It was not until my adult years I began to learn life is more than a smooth ride.

Fortunately, I didn’t sow my wild oats in alcohol, drugs, partying, and things of that nature.  My challenges were making costly decisions. I’m not referring to monetary cost although I’ve had plenty challenges and lessons to learn about finances, too.  One thing I’ve learned, a challenge is a challenge regardless of its intensity or dilemma.

On my journey, I wouldn’t change my path or course because each step has become the making of me. If everything was smooth and easy for me, I’m not sure if I would possess the wisdom I have now.

How could I or anyone encourage others without ever having any challenges? How could I convince others the sun will shine after dark days without knowing it will?

If you’re experiencing bumpy rides, hold on. If you’re experiencing smooth ones, brace yourself. Life is full of twists and turns.

Make sure whatever path you take, you’re in to endure the ride of your life.


Choose Your Battles



Some fights are unfair.

Those are cowardly and despicable acts

inflicted by the perpetrator.

They are the ones with intent to cause harm to another.


Aggression against others

is an imbalance in power.

The aggressor never wins.

The reason because the fight is

not mutual.

The confrontation has no balance of power.

A predator versus prey

situation occurs.

        But, there are times

fights are


Not all fights are menacing.

The fight is considered fair

if both parties are willing participants.

Sometimes in life

because of adversities and crisis,

fighting your way out a situation

might require




it’s the battle against resistance.


It is not unfair to fight,

for self-empowerment.

Fight the good fight for health, relationships,

finances, your family

fight with diligence.

You will find, in the end,

your fight was worth fighting,

you’ve fought a good fight.                                                                                                                        



In observance of the Daily Prompt Challenge- today’s word is Fight   

Domestic Violence remains one of the leaders in violence against others. In addition, in this Technological Age of society, cyber bullying is one of the fastest growing forms of aggression against others. It is a crime associated with afflicting aggression and intimidation on others who are vulnerable. One reason the trend of cyber bullying is increasing- those who bully or cause physical and emotional harm to others tend to hide behind their tactics by using electronic devices or anonymity. However, bullying has many faces.

Although some of these faces are not easily recognized- one should consider bullies do not always fight physically. Bullying occurs in the forms of intimidation and control. The use of  spirituality, physical (domestic) abuse, psychological manipulation, threats, and social media (cyber bullying) are common control trends.  Bullying emotionally and physically begins subtly.  If you are or know someone who is a victim of bullying or domestic violence don’t be afraid to take your control back, fight back by exposing the attacker or the attacks. Tell someone. Get the help you need.