contemplation 1

Sometimes when you’re at the crossroad in life

and you don’t know which choice to make-

the best thing to do is to contemplate

the outcome of your choices.

Examine your choices closely. 

More than likely, you will feel better

about the outcome of a conscious decision

than living with the outcome

of a decision made in haste. 


`Yvonne L.




Crossroads have different meanings for everyone.

Some say it’s “where the rubber meets the road.”

Others say it’s the place where they’re perplexed.

Some find it’s the place where things may connect

to lead to a main point.

Others find it’s the place decisions are made.

Here at the crossroad-

crossroads meaning to you? …

You decide.


crossroads 1

`Yvonne L.


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word (Crossroads)

Choose Your Destination


Something to think about:

Life is a journey including twists and turns- ups and downs.

Often others say “choose your battles” when they’re facing

challenges.  But, instead of choosing battles,  why not choose destinations?

Some battles aren’t worth fighting at all. Some battles don’t lead to

profitable solutions even if chosen  over each other.

Instead of focusing on choosing battles, why not choose to

control the results or destinations desired?


 `Yvonne L