Our God is Greater

abOur God Is Greater~

Let me get this right, we are expected to “stand” when we’re told as though kneeling is absurd, although kneeling to pray is a form of humility?

We are to “believe” our actions are offensive but “have” our native lands insulted and called *s%#@ countries by the one who leads us as though those words do not offend?

Are we “expected” to “hear” the first African American First lady and a former African American political official described as an ape and the baby of an ape and consider this freedom of speech?

Moreover, should we “accept” the justification of shooting our people in the back as a perceivable threat and overlook perceptions of threats to our lives everyday?

Should we “experience” despicable acts against humanity because of race, color and creed and “keep” our mouths shut as though everything is alright and nothing is wrong all in the name of making America great again?

How long should we be “required” to “witness” some religious sectors defend politics when they do not openly share their witness to defend and uphold the word of God nor social injustices?

Well, something is wrong with this picture, and this type of image is not the greatness I have my sight on. The image I see is more like what the word says about the love of many waxing cold and an increase of love for the world than God.

These are the reasons I will keep my sight on a place, according to Galatians 3:28, where “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Great again? Thanks, but no thanks. I will keep my mind on things above and not the things below because our God is Greater, His promises are Greater, and only He I’m proud to say, I’m with Him.

A First-hand Witness Account


girl with sun light

I am a witness to the gospel of Christ.

I have first-hand accounts of His saving grace.

I am a witness to the healing virtues of Christ as a healer.

I had illnesses that I no longer have because I sought and believe in His

healing virtues.

I can testify and verify He is a deliverer.

I had struggles I could not overcome,

I sought His deliverance and I no longer battle, I’m free.

I am a witness Christ is a provider.

I witnessed His move in my life when I was in lack.

Provisions were made when there were none.

I am a  witness He is a comforter.

I witnessed His comfort when I needed comforting.

He gave me peace during the loss of loved ones.

I am a witness He is a counselor.

I witnessed His role as counselor when I needed guidance.

I am a witness that His word is true.

When I followed His word and not my own

his word did not come back void.

I am a witness that His love covers multitudes of sin,

when I fell short to sin He covered me.

I am a witness He is my Shepherd.

When my soul needed rest,

he led me to safe haven.

He restored my soul of weariness.

I  can’t tell it all,

there are so many accounts of His

goodness, grace, and mercy.

I am a witness,

He is not dead but alive!

He is resurrected

and abides in me!

I am a witness,

He is the great I AM!

He is everything I need.


I Give Myself to You

I Give Myself to You


Even when I didn’t know how to love willfully you loved me

unconditionally. I was going through my life and living on

borrowed time, but I didn’t know it, until I begin to learn

love’s true meaning comes from above. Revelation of your

love is a catalyst for my transformation and new outlook.

Since you’re embodiment of love, I’m an image of love.

Your love is in me, and mine in you. Here with willingness,

I am yours …The life I live, it’s yours. It is not mine to  own…

I surrender completely. My love belongs to you  …

I give myself solely to you.