Be Brave, Not Cowardice



It takes courage to stand up and do what is right

instead of hiding behind cowardliness.

It takes courage to speak up and say what is right

instead of remaining silent.

It takes courage to do the right thing

instead of rendering evil in your own hands.

It takes courage to act with integrity

instead of acting immoral with malice.

It takes courage to embrace and respect others differences,

instead of resisting and despising others because of the differences.

It takes courage to be different instead of conforming to fit in.

It takes courage to stand alone

instead of standing with others who are wrong.

It takes courage to be brave,

instead of acting in cowardice ways.

Stand strong, be behave!

Be brave, not cowardice!

Be a Buddy




Buddy Up!

Stand Up against Bullying!

Be strong!

Stand firm! Buddy Up!

Join forces to stop bullying!

Be a buddy,

not a bully!

Inflicting hurt and harm

on others is cowardly!

Bullying is for cowards!



`Yvonne L


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge.  Today’s word (Buddy)