Don’t Cheat On Yourself



Don’t cheat yourself. Are you using the gifts and talents you are given on the level you are capable of achieving? There is greatness inside each one of you waiting for you to cultivate and stretch to its fullest potential.

A few days ago, I viewed a video of someone informing her audience of  an event occurring in five days. The creativity of her dialogue and appeal to prospective attendees was ingenious.

This person was entertaining, informative, and persuasive. Watching the video felt more like a bona fide professional infomercial. In a few days the video had accumulated to a large viewership from a simple but creative presentation.

So, what am I saying? Whatever you’re passionate about you will do it with a level of excellence. You will do it above the efforts of others with enthusiasm. Others will sense your heart is in what you are saying or doing, and they are drawn.

This is where selling yourself short comes in. How often have you and I cheated ourselves? How often we have fallen short of our potential or become mediocre in what we were doing.  We may get the job done, but we have not given our best. Therefore, we are not quite effective and prolific as we desire.

Although I attempt to do my best in what I do, I have to ask myself, am I challenging my full potential? I thought about this when I viewed the video. Like the woman in the video, I know I have a niche for creativity. I enjoy doing things unconventional or applying an out-of-box approach to create interest. But, at times, I question, am I hitting the mark below my potential?

The answer is yes, at times.  If I am, well, I am cheating myself. I am robbing myself of full potential of effectiveness. I need to excel or strive for excellence all the time. By this way, if I fall short, it is not because I did not aim for excellence, but it is also not far from the mark.

I don’t aspire to sell myself short of its potential. What about you?


Free Spirits



Free spirits are often known to go against the grain. They do not generally succumb to societal norms. Free spirits are known to think “out of the box.” Many free spirits are creative, independent thinkers, and uninhibited. Rather than travel upstream, free-spirits will go against the grain and find other ways to get up the stream. Free spirits are adventurous. They know there’s more to life. Free spirits do not conform to societal expectations for the sake of conforming, they do things with purpose.


Free spirits are often mistaken for having a carefree personality, they appear to not take life seriously. But, it is not that free spirits are not serious as others are about life. They just do not take life serious enough to stress out. Free spirits find other ways to resolve their concern. Free spirits like to explore the possibilities, they’re visionaries and dreamers. Free spirits explore living in their truth and believe in following their authentic voice. They do not rely solely on the validation or approval of others. Free spirits do not wait for things to happen, they make things happen. Are you a free spirit?

free spirits

Raison d’être – My Reasons for Writing

Raison d’être – My Reasons for Writing

Raison D’être

My writing journey began over ten years ago when I was online on another social media site among a community of writers. There, I developed an appreciation of the art.  After seeing other passionate writers creatively exploring various writing styles and forms, whether in short stories, prose, poetry, or blogs was intriguing enough for me to get started on my own journey.

Somewhere in the process, I discovered my inner voice which had remained passive and dominant. I always knew creativity was innately in my core, after dabbing around with drawings, my interest was short-lived. Since I am a proponent for effective communication, it’s befitting writing became a natural interest.

I write to remove layers and reveal the core of my existence while I am transitioning on my peaceful journey.  As a result, I am discovering a lot about myself and the direction of my purpose.

Now that I’ve acquired a passion for writing, I want to cultivate and acquire other ways to display my newly founded passion creatively. I find, blogging leads me in this direction because not only is it liberating, blogging provides a voice.

For this reason, although at times I may  write for my own freedom, I keep others in mind too. These are some of the reasons I write.

What is Creativity?

What is Creativity?

Creativity is a place where we go in our mind, heart,

and soul to find the words, music, art, and creative expressions

to embody our discoveries.

Creativity allows us to share what’s discovered about ourselves.

It manifests itself in genres because its inspiration

and motivation are birthed from life experiences.

Creativity is fragments of our community, spirituality, and

politics sculpted in art form.

It is our outward expression of individualism-

and is a manifested gift to mankind.

Creativity is formed when inward expressions

can no longer be contained.

Creativity expands beyond space and time.

Its revolutionary process evolves

and transcends cultures.

Creativity entwines itself

into the fabric of substance.  

It builds bridges and close gaps-liberates, heals, and mends.

Creativity provides a means to escape from limitations.