Whatever You Do, Do It Intentional



From the beginning, you were created with purpose. Purpose is the reason you exist. If you are living, you’re born intentional.  Your existence validates your significance, therefore you should dispel any doubts of feeling insignificant.  Once you realize your life matters, finding your purpose plays a crucial role in your journey.

When I started this blog, I started it intentional and with purpose. Although I am a fairly new blogger, I set goals for myself. I knew I wanted a blog which provides empowerment. I knew I wanted to keep my writing simple as possible, but I also wanted to find creative ways to provoke, incite, and challenge others to see life from different perspectives. I find if we only focus on what is in view, we are limited.  If our peripheral view expands, we can begin to understand the world and others better.


Knowing what you purpose is and cultivating it begins with passion. What are you passionate about? What motivates and captivates your interest? Whatever fuels you will become a driving force and more than likely lead you to your destiny. For example, I like to inspire and encourage others. I do it naturally and from the heart. I’ve been an encourager as long as I can remember. Empowerment and uplifting others are attributes of my purpose.

Your purpose may involve working nature or with people. You may have a passion or love for gardening, working with animals, teaching children, participating in sports, fitness, counseling others, serving others in the law or medical profession, or serving as a spiritual leader. You may have a way of reaching others in a manner no other individual can.  Whatever you do,  aim for purpose.