Discover Daily Word Prompt Day 15 -Scent


Indisputably nothing is pure as the sweet scent of a newborn,

untainted fragrance of  innocence.

Untouched, unscathed by wordly pollutants,

divine and pure the refreshing aroma.

Closest to the divine,

a newborn baby’s scent is heavenly.


Discover Prompt – Day 14 Book

Over 30 years ago on my journey to self-discovery, an era when others like myself were facing a paradigm shift, well before the late 90s era when the book “Who Moved My Cheese” was promoting how to deal with life or work-related changes, I ran across a book entitled, “You Can if You Think You Can” by Norman Vincent Peale.

The title, “You Can if You Think You Can,” means exactly what the book suggests and catchy enough to capture readers attention.

I immediately became intrigued with the concept I can do the things I desire if I think I can. While reading Peale’s book, it birthed an awakening and profound awareness of the power of the mind and how we are empowered or hindered by its thought-process. The teachings in “You Can if You Think You Can” are also spiritual based.

Although classic readings, I recommend anyone needing motivation and encouragement to tap into the power within you, read Peale’s books. There are other self-empowerment books available to spark a flame of desire to discover your fullest potential.

We are what we read. Read books.