I Dare You



The most challenging dare

is not one that is risky or dangerous.

The most challenging dare

is one which challenges you to stretch

beyond the limitations to being the best you.

Give it a try.


`Yvonne L


Response  to the Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s word (Daring)

Time to Rebuild



To rebuild is to reconstruct what already was built or constructed.

In the rebuilding process, you improve, or amend, but not destroy the core.

Rebuilding provides reinforcement, structure, and foundation.

Rebuilding adds to the strengthening process. It does not weaken.

Efforts to rebuild requires unification of those with a common

cause to unify and not divide.

Rebuilding strong communities create strong men and women

willing to stand united.

Let’s rebuild together.


Whatever You Do, Do It Intentional



From the beginning, you were created with purpose. Purpose is the reason you exist. If you are living, you’re born intentional.  Your existence validates your significance, therefore you should dispel any doubts of feeling insignificant.  Once you realize your life matters, finding your purpose plays a crucial role in your journey.

When I started this blog, I started it intentional and with purpose. Although I am a fairly new blogger, I set goals for myself. I knew I wanted a blog which provides empowerment. I knew I wanted to keep my writing simple as possible, but I also wanted to find creative ways to provoke, incite, and challenge others to see life from different perspectives. I find if we only focus on what is in view, we are limited.  If our peripheral view expands, we can begin to understand the world and others better.


Knowing what you purpose is and cultivating it begins with passion. What are you passionate about? What motivates and captivates your interest? Whatever fuels you will become a driving force and more than likely lead you to your destiny. For example, I like to inspire and encourage others. I do it naturally and from the heart. I’ve been an encourager as long as I can remember. Empowerment and uplifting others are attributes of my purpose.

Your purpose may involve working nature or with people. You may have a passion or love for gardening, working with animals, teaching children, participating in sports, fitness, counseling others, serving others in the law or medical profession, or serving as a spiritual leader. You may have a way of reaching others in a manner no other individual can.  Whatever you do,  aim for purpose.


Is It Time for An Eye Exam?

Is It Time for An Eye Exam?

Years ago I ran across a video of a well known inspirational speaker, Iylana Vanzant, speaking to a group of women at a women’s conference in New York City sometime in 2007 Vanzant’s video entitled “Check Your Vision” has resonated with me.  Some of the thought-provoking truths have made me look at the way I view people, relationships,and world events.

Disclaimer- I claim no copyrights to the song/or video concept in the above video

If you have taken the time to view this video thanks. I hope you find it empowering and insightful.

In this busy world, crowded with voices from various sources, it’s not easy to take the time to self-reflect or meditate. Some may not think self-reflection is needed. We’re living in times many believe life is about doing things as we desire. Well, there is truth in this type of thinking to a certain degree and if life was only about you. We’re not an island to ourselves. The choices we make have ramifications. In addition, the consequences of our choices affect not only us but others.

The process of self-reflection isn’t easy. Besides, looking inward, it’s hard to see truth. At times, reality isn’t digested easily. Time is needed sometimes to swallow the truth.  Some may justify their reasons to shun truth. Therefore, in regards to dealing with the matters of the heart- we may choose to leave this undone.

Change is something we desire when change is beneficial. But, even when change seems impossible or difficult, we fail to realize, change is needed and obtainable. The reason change is obtainable- the solution to what we desire for ourselves or others is sometimes simple as changing our perspectives.

Vanzant delivers a message that is poignant for times like this because oftentimes it is differences we fear. My intentions are to embrace an understanding of different cultural, political, social, and religious perspectives in efforts to understand the belief system and values of others. While some philosophies I might not embrace, I respect others have the right to be different or see life from their perspective.

I don’t know about you, but my desire is to not have my “eyes adjust to the level of its deficiency”. I desire a broader view-to gain a deeper understanding of life complexities. The reason is because I do not want to limit my focus to understanding only the things I’m familiar.

Let’s live our truth. Why limit our perspective?  For this reason, I’ll not only have an exam annually but periodically check and assess my vision. What about you?

Let’s live our truth.

Why limit our perspective?

For this reason, I’ll not only have an exam annually but periodically check and assess my vision. What about you?

EyeExam `