Now, That’s Love

Whether you are a believer or not, or whatever you choose to believe, for the sake of belief or unbelief, you must admit, there is no greater love than one who would lay down his life for another, carry the burdens for another, take thirty-nine stripes, and hang on a cross for them unless He loved them.

You do not have to believe to know that no one would do these things without the power of love- Someone who would do this, now “that’s love.”

Waiting at the Bottom


For some, rollercoasters are invigorating and filled with exciting thrills. There’s much anticipation and anxiety.  As the ride ascends and descends through loop after loops, the body is turned upside down repeatedly, you’re entangled with emotions of laughter, tears, joy, and fear. 

Finally, when the ride ends, one, more than likely, sense of relief or excitement.

At times, isn’t life like a rollercoaster? One minute everything seems fine and suddenly a circumstance changes things. Life does change from better to worse. But, it does not stay in the same condition.

Like a rollercoaster, when you’re either up or down it seems, whenever the worse is over, there’s a sense of relief, and when things are going well it’s exciting. You want to stay in the moment.

Between the ups and downs, there’s another position. It’s a position of  remaining grounded.  The benefits of grounding yourself is when life takes you for a ride, you’re in position to brace yourself for whatever comes your way.

Through the ups and downs, you’ll remain encouraged in knowing, “no matter what”, it will come to an end. You’re find, you are like the person at the bottom of the rollercoaster  waiting for others to get off.

Find a position or posture you can remain grounded- it’s possible to live life this way.

Inspirational Sunday -Is Truth Dead?

Time Magazing

Photo credit: Time Magazine

A March 2017 Time Magazine proposes the question- Is truth dead? In its April 8, 1966 issue, Time proposed the question, Is God Dead? Both questions are thought-provoking and introspective. Whether you are a faith believer or someone who does not believe in Faith, the relevance of truth is inevitable.

Perhaps instead of exploring the vitality of truth, one should ask “Are We dead to truth?” One might find his or her answer.  Regardless of the period or culture one lives, the fundamental principles of truth remain in place.

Any trial lawyer knows the burden of proving guilt takes precedence over proving innocence.  One is considered innocent until proven guilty. To solve the answer to whether truth is dead or not, the process of examining what truth is not might lead us to the answer.

Truth stands on its own merits. Skepticism leads to the relentless search of proving truth as false, not truth proving itself true. For some, this might appear on the side of a oxymoron, but it is not.  Think of it this way, how can one argue what is or what is not true if truth does not exist?  Also, consider, if there is no truth, there is no untruth.

If you find it difficult to believe in the fundamental principles of truth why bother to argue its existence, why not prove its non-existence? If you believe God is dead, at some point you believed He was alive.  Now, the burden on you is to prove He no longer exists.

For this reason, establishing truth requires the awareness of truth. Once you are aware of truth you’re in position to recognize what is true or untrue. Therefore, upholding truth is an important step to truth remaining vital.

Why is the distinction between truth and untruth important? Why is it important to believe God is alive and not dead? Knowing the difference is necessary when applying consequences to actions, offering guidelines to live and govern by, and serving as a moral and spiritual compass of conscience.

Without any conviction, one has no boundaries or gauge to determine reality from falsehood.  As a result, one will not easily distinguish what is real or fake.  Anyone can purport the reality of truth as he or she sees fit.  The absolute truth must be established. Without absolutes there is no universal core premises to truth or principles.

Don’t be fooled. Truth does matter.  It also matters whether you know the difference between what is fake or reality.  Don’t allow the lines to become blurred. In modern society, some are attempting to blur the lines.

Therefore, in response to Time magazine, unless others have given up on these principles, yes, I concur, truth is still alive, so is God.  Truth is not dead.  God is not either. It’s your place to prove otherwise.  More appropriate as a question, are we dead to truth?

`Yvonne L.




It’s Intentional

I am confident enough to believe no matter what situation is at hand, I have the confident in knowing “All things work together for my good.” I truly believe this. I have seen adversity forming to work against what I desire, but I refuse to focus on the situation, I choose to focus on the desired solution.

I intentionally choose to walk by faith and not by sight. I believe what I desire, if it aligns with the perfect will for my life, I can have it. My faith and belief is intentional.

I believe in the power of words. It’s intentional.