Faces of Hope


They are the signs of hope.

They possess untainted dreams,

promises not yet broken.

They’re the vision of the future,

a life not yet lived.

They’re the voices of the nations,

their cries not yet

from worldly sorrow.

They’re the evidence

of things hoped for.

Their eyes aren’t open yet to

the maligns of inhumanity.

These are the faces of Hope.


`Yvonne L.




entangled in an intricate

web of nature

both intrinsic details

of existence are complex

co-dependent on

the elements of humanity-

nature is inter-related

a web perpetuates

its cycle of life.

Both preserved by oxygen,

food, shelter, and water-

human nature contributes

to its preservation

it likewise.

By expanding the tree’s life

through intervention and care-

so, as needed

with the life of a child

Keep their future in mind.

We’re in this together.

Every form of life matters.