Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Day is observing the harvest of all things

which causes gratitude.

Today, as I reflect on all things which cause gratitude, thanks

to all my readers. Thanks to those who made the decision

to follow, like or share my literary work.  Thanks for inspiring me

with your creativity, knowledge, wisdom and spiritual guidance.

As the new year approaches, I will remain on my peaceful journey

and look forward to sharing the path with you.

Enjoy your time with family and loved ones, and if alone, know

you are enough.





 I could count how often I think of you …

 I could count all the reasons I love you…

 I could count how many times I say “I Love You”…

 I could count my gratitude for you, but

I would keep counting until eternity

because the numbers of times

are countless.


Image Credit: Life and beautiful