The Act of Being in Love

The Act of Being in Love


The act of “being in love” is a mental state of fulfillment.

It’s where happy hearts are lit and blaze within.

It is where two merging souls meet in a mutual place.

The act of “being in love” requires commitment.

It’s the inner knowing the love connection is pure-

and when the blazing flame is no longer felt-

the determination and willingness

to keep the heart warm and love alive is innate.


`Yvonne L






Distant Love Chronicles

Distant Love Chronicles

                                              Sometimes distance is kept between us,  

but we’re closer than we know.


We’re distant lately, but

we’ve always been close.


Our distance is painful.

Miles are too much to bear.

When reaching out to touch you,

it hurts when you’re not there.


Although  distance is between us-

 our love grows stronger.

If we were any closer,

our love will be solid .


Although there are miles between us,

 miles are only barriers. 

Miles can not hinder pure love. 

Miles can not distance what is-