Sometimes Big Roars Are Small Cries


Sometimes big roars are really small cries.  As we approach the holiday seasons, let’s keep in mind, not everyone view this season as a season to be jolly.

Many are facing depression whether seasonal or not, as well as other challenges. For this reason, take extra time to become a little more observant. If you have friends or loved ones living alone check on them.

Perhaps someone has lashed out at you who ordinarily might not. Look closer beneath the surface of their reaction.

Keep in mind, not every smile is genuine. Behind some smiles are tears. There is a chance their smile is really a mask.

If you know of anyone who has  experienced death of a loved one around the holidays give him or her a call or send a card. Small gestures go a long way and can end up bringing light to dark places.

I’ve worked in the public sector long enough to understand this concept, “hurt people hurt people.”

When individuals feel hopeless they may deflect their feelings toward others in effort to resist acknowledging their feeling.

Oftentimes, they may leave the recipient of their deflection perplexed but behind their action is possibly someone in need.

So, while you’re out and about, or on your job, sow seeds of kindness. Turn a roar away from a cry to something purrfectly wonderful!

`Yvonne L.


Love Conquers All


Life is more than a hand-out.

So, find ways to stand out.

To survive in this world,

life requires more than a few tricks up your sleeves.

If you fail to plan, you’ll crumble over a measly dollar or two;

swallowed up trying to survive on minimum wage

living in times when the rich gets richer and the poor faces cruelty.

You might face things said because to them your hair seem “nappy”

or your skin is a few shades too dark-

darkened by the God in the heaven above.

We’re living in times others climbing the corporate ladders

will ask you to hold the ladder they climb.

Where’s the unity, when we know life

requires more than compensation

to know there is more to all this non-sense?

Haven’t you figured out, we’re all essential,

we’re in this together?

Why don’t we come to our senses,

or better than that, come to Jesus-

give Him a try.

But whatever we do,

let’s not find ourselves swallowed in sorrow.

Keep dreaming,

Keep hope alive,

Keep the PEACE,

don’t life get us down,

we’re bigger than that,

for a matter-of-fact,

we’re much more better than that….

You are you,

and I am me…

together we are UNITY

we can demonstrate PEACE,

LOVE conquers all.


The Green-Eyed Monster

The Green-Eyed Monster


Have you watched someone you love

life slowly is sifted away?

Have you tried to give them hope,

but you were the one feeling hopeless?

Have you watched the sparkle in their eyes

slowly grow dim?

Have you witnessed their vulnerability

while they mustered the courage to hold on to dignity? `

Have you watched as they grew weak

when they were always the strength of others?

Have you known someone full of faith,

encourager, and spiritual advisor to others

challenged by the faith they believed in?

Have you  said you’re praying for them,

and you were praying for you too?

Have anyone told you their child asked,

if you leave, who’ll be my mother or father?

Then, watched the tears roll down their face

and you sat quietly and cried inside?

Have you ever wanted to get away

because you didn’t want to see their face?

You knew if you got away,

then, you wouldn’t have to face death? `

Have you ever had questions

like why, why them, or why anyone…

but you knew despite everything,

it was in God’s hand?

Have you ever admitted to yourself,

I’m, angry…I’m angry because?

But you knew without conviction,

angry because cancer is a cowardly monster

looking for others to pick on.

So, you hold on to hope that one day

the green-eyed monster will be annihilated

~Yvonne Lott


(Re-post) Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge – Today’s word (Hope)




Disappointments are misplaced expectations.  We expect from

others a level of commitment they are not emotionally committed

to fulfill. Our level of expectations may be higher than their level

of willingness. Others simply may not have the same amount of

interest to invest in the fulfillment of our expectations.  Because

of this, their shortcoming becomes the cause of our 

disappointment. We may even hold a grudge when our 

expectations aren’t met.

But, instead of disappointments or holding a grudge, we should

take a look at our expectations. Have we set our

expectations too high? Are we sure others are committed

as we are?  Are others clear about our expectations? Even

when there is an understanding between the parties involved

disappointment will occur. The way we react is a sign we did

not have consideration of the possibilities of failure or 

shortcomings. Instead of holding grudges there is a way out…












`Yvonne L.


Response to the Daily Prompt Challenge. Today’s word is (disappointment)