Measuring Others by Your Standards Might Come Up Short


When we judge others by our standards and expectations,

they may come up short and never exceed their potential.

Judging by our standard undermines their experience

of individualism.

The truth is- the measure of a man or woman can’t be measured.

We can only judge the action of others.

But, when necessary, one must consider what he or she judges, or

judging becomes an indictment of exercising limited perception.

Since we are all on separate paths of individualism

others experiences can’t be proportionately measured.

Individualism is life experiences, it’s a way of life.

Individualism is the fabric of an individual’s co-existence.

So, are we qualified to judge and measure what make

others uniquet?


What is Creativity?

What is Creativity?

Creativity is a place where we go in our mind, heart,

and soul to find the words, music, art, and creative expressions

to embody our discoveries.

Creativity allows us to share what’s discovered about ourselves.

It manifests itself in genres because its inspiration

and motivation are birthed from life experiences.

Creativity is fragments of our community, spirituality, and

politics sculpted in art form.

It is our outward expression of individualism-

and is a manifested gift to mankind.

Creativity is formed when inward expressions

can no longer be contained.

Creativity expands beyond space and time.

Its revolutionary process evolves

and transcends cultures.

Creativity entwines itself

into the fabric of substance.  

It builds bridges and close gaps-liberates, heals, and mends.

Creativity provides a means to escape from limitations.